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Sue at HeadsUp has supplied my Strongman Competition T-shirts for the last four years. Her quality and service are unbeatable, and the kids love the designs. I won't use anyone else.

Bob Fitzsimmons
Physical Education
Sardis Secondary,
Chilliwack, BC
Great Prices on High Quality Digitizing
HeadsUp Embroidery Frequently Asked Questions
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Q. You are in Canada. What is involved in shipping to the US?
A. Most products are NAFTA friendly, so they pass through the border easily. Contact us for more info on the products you are interested in; we'll advise you on whether the product is NAFTA friendly or not.
Q. How do you do embroidery design, what kind of artwork do you need, how much will it cost, and how long will it take?
A. A design is digitized in a specific embroidery program by plotting different types of stitches to create your design. Designs usually run between $15 - $20 per thousand stitches. We can create a great quality, smooth running design for less than that! Designs generally take 24-48 hours to create.
Q. What format do you need my logo in? I have my logo on disc for printing - can you use that?
A. The format we need is a .dst file. It is a format specific to embroidery and must be creating using an embroidery program, which involves creating your logo in stitches. We can convert most common file formats to stitches using our software.
Q. If I have previously had embroidery done, can you use the embroidery disc that is at my previous supplier?
A. If you paid for the disc, it's yours. Yes, we can use it, and your previous supplier should be able to email the file to you. Please note: you will not be able to open the file, but you can forward it on to us.
Q. How much is a silk screened T-shirt?
A. The factors that determine the cost are:
  • number of t-shirts
  • colour of t-shirts
  • number of locations of imprinting
  • number of colours in imprint
A positive and a screen must be made for each colour of a design, therefore 4 colours = 4 positives & 4 screens. Artwork can be created for you, or you can supply camera-ready artwork.
Q. How much is an embroidered T-shirt?
A. The factors that determine the cost are:
  • number of t-shirts
  • colour of t-shirts
  • number of embroidery locations
  • number of stitches in your logo (we can estimate this when we see your logo)
Embroidery costs are based on the time it will take to sew your design, which is determined by the number of stitches. A digitized embroidery disc is usually required, which we can also create and supply.
Q. How are your garments different from those I buy in a department store?
A. The garments we use are made to be used in the corporate world, which means that they are worn every day & washed often. Retail garments are not meant to stand up to this kind of heavy wear and use.
Q. What forms of payment do you accept?
A. Cheque, cash, VISA or MasterCard.
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